Cameron Diaz Needs “The Mask” for Her Bad Acne Problems

Cameron Diaz has always been as gorgeous as you can get in Hollywood. Ever since the days we first saw her appear in that hilarious Jim Carrey movie “The Mask”, she has been the perfect combinatiCameron Diaz needs The Mask for her Acne Skinon of actress-with-model-like-looks-who-can-pull-off-acting. Unfortunately, in the past few years the only thing she should have never pulled off is that actual green mask from the movie to cover her crazy acne problems. Mean? Yeah, but the fact is, a hollywood star can do so much with the right acne treatment, that there really is no excuse for this to happen. She is a Charlie’s Angel for goodness sake.

At first you can’t really notice it, but then you can see the thick pancake of cover up that is plastered on her face, and you soon start to realize that she has tons of acne scars on her face that need some serious acne treatment. You can see this in the side-by-side images that we have of her looking glorious and tan, and her true skin showing in the non-glamorized everyday photo.

Cameron Diaz side-by-side photos of her acneIt appears that in recent years, she has gotten this under control and it is most likely with the use of acne moisturizers to truly help with the treating these scars and bringing back a healthy skin.

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