What are the Strongest Acne Creams?

If you are in the market for an acne cream then you can bet you will have a lot of different options to choose from.  You can go with all natural products, or a mixture of natural and manufactured chemicals.  If you have a severe case of acne then you will likely be looking for the strongest acne cream that you can find in order to fight back. Well, there is no clear cut answer on the strongest of the acne creams, but there are quite a few out there that are actually pretty strong.  Here is a list of the strongest acne cream ingredients and products that you will find on the market today.

  • Persa Gel.  This is produced by Johnson and Johnson and does a pretty good job of helping to prevent future breakouts.  It is very effective against whiteheads and blackheads and contains the ingredient benzoylAcne Moisturizers and Acne Creams peroxide.  The concentration sits near 10 percent which is the highest concentration that you can get for a cream that isn’t medically prescribed by a doctor.  This cream is water based and can be effective for all types of skin.
  • DDF BP Gel.  This is the strongest acne cream around in its respective niche.  It only contains a concentration of 5 percent for benzoyl peroxide but it also has a special natural ingredient with the addition of tea tree oil.  This can help to fight acne and also can protect against bacteria and future breakouts.  This can help to moisturize your skin and fight acne at the same time.
  • Acne Solutions Emergency Gel Lotion.  This is a product put out by Clinique and it can help to unclog your pores as well as fight those acne spots that you just can’t get to go away.  If you have inflammation or any kind of redness then you will see it go away in a matter of only a few days.  It is a little bit more expensive but seems to be pretty effective at what it was meant to do.

No matter what type of acne cream you go with, make sure that it is the strongest acne cream for your skin type.  Find one that helps to moisturize your skin as well as fight the acne breakouts that are occurring.  Also, try and find one that is affordably priced that you can fit into your budget.  This is the best way to get an overall great value on your next acne cream.

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